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We’re passionate about helping busy professionals in creating a life they love. 

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Our team

Meet people behind Ronda Solutions:

Patricia Rusek

Executive coach

“Find your voice and then your sweet melody”

Wonder Woman of the Positive Psychology and Coaching finished in London with Media and Marketing in the background. Patricia spent her last six years in the United Kingdom, where she tried to accommodate these two passions in her life. Since starting her internal journey with meditation and intense getting out of the comfort zone, she realised that the smile on the person’s face is the most precious thing on this earth, and we need to know how to maintain it. She became interested in the issue around high sensitivity, empathy, courage, and a loud advocate around listening to your own intuition. In the meantime, Patricia is “healthily addicted” to trying a new thing, travelling, meeting a different culture, and listening to people’s stories about metaphysics and simple life. She has a world where music, especially guitar and singing, plays a significant role to her. “Connecting to nature” that’s her other source of power, so if someone says mountains, she is already packed up and ready to hike. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, but imperfection is natural. Patricia love to spend time baking healthy snacks but cannot stand cooking something else. Time to admit it we all have some things we want to improve in our life.

Matt Rak

founder & Executive Director

“Your company is a giant reflection of you.”

Self-development enthusiast, entrepreneur and public speaker. Matt is taking care of the company as a whole, connecting the right people with the right coaches and making sure that the operations run perfectly. As an entrepreneur, he knows the struggles of day-to-day life that many professionals face. He graduated with a management and marketing degree from one of the best business schools in Central Europe. Personally, his interests lie in hiking, trekking, weightlifting and kite surfing and this is what makes him feel alive. When it comes to internal training, Matt builds his self-discipline by processing his thoughts during a cold shower, whether this is a river or just the bathroom. As a Limitless fan of the intermittent fasting and yoga buddy, he tries to accommodate modern spirituality and being grounded as a leading outlook on life. Ronda Solutions is his mission to change the world for the better by providing the right tools for growth to the right people. 


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